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A classical practitioner since 1967 (MK, Physiotherapist in France), my professional

experience has led me to evolve considerably.

Thirty-nine years ago, it was the discovery of the concept that I am going to describe to you

and which is essentially based on the principle of osteopathy. This being part as well as

homeopathy and acupuncture - among others - of what we can call energy, alternative

medicines, etc.

Its founder, Doctor AT Bill, discovered the relationship between "structure and function".

For him, any vertebral imbalance would be at the origin of the disease, but he said, it is the physical and psychological aggressions which would be responsible for this disorder - concept accepted by all osteopaths to date.

The object of my discovery is as follows: all physical, psychic, infectious pathology would come from a single cause. This anatomical cause is the same in all individuals! - "multifactorial" causes being only one amplifier phenomenon.

We would therefore spend the rest of our lives compensating for this mechanical imbalance, thus generating a different pathological process in everyone, but from which no one will escape in the future.

In summary, the disease is a dysfunction of the cell on a point area of ​​our anatomy.

Why does the cell "slip"? Because of this vertebral imbalance, the spinal nerves emerging from the vertebrae are more or less irritated due to this permanent disorder.

If we accept the idea that this imbalance can be erased, the spinal nerves will regain their physiological potential, thus erasing any present pathology and thereby preventing any future health problem.

However, my discovery is based on the indisputable fact that this vertebral balance restored, it will be final whatever the age of the patient, his pathology and his antecedents.

In fact, what is my real role? I do not treat, I am only there as an intermediary in order to revive the potentialities of our organism which has been programmed - at the start - to self-regulate, self-defend, we self-regenerate ... With my experience, I have this certainty that all pathology is reversible, what whatever age.


The control and the observation of the rise in power of our organism, is carried out from the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid, called Primary Respiratory Movement or Cerebrospinal Fluid, that osteopaths know, linked to the discovery of Doctor Sutherland, indicating the existence of a constant beat of 14 to 16 pulsations per minute, not varying, unlike the heart and pulmonary rhythms which fluctuate depending on the efforts and emotions.

I realized very quickly, on entering my protocol, that these "beats were going to increase considerably:

  • From 14 beats per minute in humans, we went to 38 beats per minute in the end.

  • From 12 beats per minute in women, we went to 35 beats per minute in the end.

  • From 8 pulses per minute in children, we went to 32 pulsations per minute in the end.

What does this mean ? There appears to be a relationship between good health and high numbers; once these plateaus are reached, then over the years, this figure does not drop any more and the state of good health continues.

This would be our basic potential which would be multiplied by four in children and practically by three in adults. Which means that this potential being increased, also implies that our immune defenses follow, we thus sheltering from all viruses, microbes and others, as the facts have demonstrated over all these years and by that very serious pathologies.



Two rules were imposed from the start:
• The time of “bodily response” takes place over nine months for everyone (a rebirth ?!), with a quick response possible of a few days on acute symptoms - physical, mental, infectious - putting the patient in relative comfort (up to 80% possible) from the first service. Chronic and long-term symptoms improve more slowly depending on the history of their installation. These nine months involve three sessions, whatever the patient's pathology, sessions spaced a month and a half between two services, a total of four and a half months. A fourth session, around five months after the third session, validates the work carried out, resulting in an increase in the pace of cerebrospinal fluid beats at 38 pulses for men - 35 for women.
• Why stop all ongoing treatments?
As the organization becomes autonomous, it no longer accepts external aid.
The facts show that he no longer needs it, or even that he rejects them ...
Two categories of drugs or medications:
A) Medication without dependence (including plants, vitamins and supplements): stop from the first session.
B) Drugs with dependence: progressive cessation depending on the type of product and following a preset and controlled plan.

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